The Ninth Wave – Maybe You Didn’t Know

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Building on the combined success of debut 2019 LP Infancy and 2020s Happy Days EP, The Ninth Wave indulge in deep expression with ‘Maybe You Didn’t Know.’

There is something quite meteoric about the track’s intro, like some kind of coming of age. In spite of this, the track sprawls into a deeply resonate verse coined with a chorus nothing short of atmospheric.

As whimsical as pop tracks can be, ‘Maybe You Didn’t Know’ transports us to a sunny festival afternoons. The type of track which teleports you into a world of wondrous daydream. 2020 was spectacularly calamitous, lead singer Haydn Park-Patterson captures the mood well:

The song is about finding comfort in the uncomfortable and being able to hide yourself behind an overbearing and engulfing undefined fear.”

With influence ranging from Cocteau Twins to LCD Soundsystem, The Ninth Wave are one of the many delights of Glaswegian musical export. Having supported the likes of Chvrches and garnered the support of Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, 

The release comes in support of their forthcoming album, yet to be named.

Photo credit: Neelam Khan Vela

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