Laurel – Let Go

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Laurel’s ability to explore emotion through sound is second to none. ‘Let Go’ is the perfect example of this. 

There is something whimsical about ‘Let Go,’ an aura of the endless summer. In spite of this, its is lyrically quite heavy. Deep love is explored, the feeling of being unable to let go as those around find themselves less indulgent interpersonal connections.

Musically, the track is wonderfully immersive. Its chorus is wondrous in beat and voice. With echoey guitar best suited to hallowed venues, ‘Let Go’ lends itself to the limbo state of the mid 20s, no doubt one further hyperbolised by the chaos of the last year or so.

Speaking on ‘Let Go,’ Laurel adds: “Let go is about a fierce kind of loyalty. Everybody around you is telling you to let go, even the person that you’re supposed to let go of but your whole self can’t seem to drop it. It leaves you feeling that those around you are quite frivolous in their relationships whilst you are loving hard and heavy.”

It comes as part of Limbo Cherry EP, released this past June. 

Image: Laurel

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