Lazarus Kane – Psychobabble EP

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Lazarus Kane are re-exploring the medium of funk rock in a way not seen in years. Psychobabble EP sees them ditch the corny and somewhat maximalist American act for something all the more real.

Milk At My Door’ is perhaps the perfect EP opener. It is uneasy and mysterious. The chorus is entrancing, all exploring the idea of quaint “cottage core” Britain and how it would most probably be undermined and re-sold a subscription service. 

Whole Foods’ is lyrically intriguing too. It follows the perplexing idea that some parents are unable to survive to weekend were it not for cocaine. Musically heavier, it is a world away from the fictional world of frontman Ben Jakes’s previous personal.

In spite of this, musical sleaziness remains. In the most beautiful way possible, obviously. Repetitive guitar and slurry vocals create ‘Williston, ND.’ One review called it rigid, instead it is borderline dystopian. The perfect accompaniment to an Orwell novel, or the mechanical nature of menial work perhaps? 

Lazarus Kane were always quite spectacular. The London based six piece were intriguing though at times a somewhat comical presence on stage. Ditching the act, pursuing something more refined and releasing Psychobabble EP makes them all the more prominent. 

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