Volunteering at Glastonbury

Getting tickets to Glastonbury is a euphoric occasion, months of pent up angst released in a matter of seconds. However, this leaves many thousands of people ticketless, yet still wishing to enter the hallowed farm come June. Beyond the absurd (climbing the fence, hiding in a suitcase, etc) volunteering and working at Glastonbury is the […]

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Grime at Glastonbury?

Grime is perhaps the quickest growing musical concept in modern Britain. For a genre which grew from the streets of London to headlining main stages at Glastonbury, it’s clear it is a subculture gone main stream and most certainly here to stay. Think of the leading names in grime, Stormzy, Skepta and Wiley. To the […]

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8 Must See Acts At Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury is always the highlight of the summer, and we plan to bring comprehensive coverage of the event! The festival pioneers new music and constantly creates a strong line up of well known bands alike. Taking place on Worthy Farm from 21-25 June, here’s 8 bands who you MUST check out, whether it be at […]

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