10 Things To Do In Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the United Kingdom’s most fascinating cities. It mixes everyday life with cultural escape and is arguably one of the greenest in the Midlands. We LOVE this city, here are 10 things you can get up to should you ever find yourself wandering its hearty streets. Contemporary Art Gallery  As we said, […]

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Why Nottingham Should Become European Capital Of Culture 2023

Nottingham is a hotbed of culture, musically and artistically it is at times second to none. With massive investment, improvement and a world renowned DIY status within its creative communities, the city is bidding to become European Capital Of Culture in 2023.  Having spent my university years in the famous city I can only endorse […]

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Nottingham Venue Guide

Nottingham is a hotbed of talent as a result of its ever-growing music scene. As avid gig goers, we at eudaemoniablog spent the afternoon in and around the city compiling a short guide to the city’s best loved music venues. Rock City Our first stop took us to perhaps the gem in Nottingham’s expansive music […]

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