‘Friends In The Bubble Bath’ (Remixes) Show audiobooks’ Reflective Side

audiobooks’ debut album Now (in a minute) is spellbinding, master producer David Wrench and 21 year old art student Evangeline Ling leave listeners in an instant trance. In truth, the pairing is both unique and fruitful. Wrench’s technical ability combines with small segments of Ling’s text stories to produce, well, a fantastical audiobook of sound.  […]

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Trampolene’s Biggest Tour Yet: April 2018

Trampolene are firm Eudaemonia favourites, their sound epitomises everything any new band should be! Courageous and talented, the Welsh trio are both likeable and charismatic and destined to go all the way to the top! This April sees them embark upon their largest tour yet in association with the musical marvels and revolutionaries that are […]

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